Let me introduce the three stars of this story. From left to right: Louie (The Toothpick) Cujo, Sassy(The Diva) Sassafras and Crazy Boy Champ (The Chewin’ Chihuahua). Louie and Champ are three years old and experiencing their first road trip ever. Sassy is 13 years old and a world traveler who belongs to my travel buddy, Martha. This would be the first time traveling with all the dogs and we hoped Sassy would teach them well. Thanks for reading my article and for giving a comment. Angus was not quarantined when we landed in Manila last September 2011. We had all the papers we needed as what I have written here. Everything was easy. To be sure, ask the Bureau of Animals in the Philippines if there is any changes. I hope I have help you with this information. Have a happy holiday!

One of the great and unique characteristics of the Travel Baby backpack is the diaper dispenser that can hold up to 16 diapers at one time. The diapers stay clean and neat (no more scrunched up ones), and are readily available, even when you need to store various sizes. And when you get onto the plane, the bag fits under all the airplane seats tried so far even when it is packed full.

This information has been extremely helpful. I need to know if I could fly to another consulate and apply same day? Without an appointment? I have a group of students leaving May 7, and only was able to get 3 appointments. 3rd party takes 14 days and we will miss the departure date. Is there any way I might make this deadline.

Great hub. I bought a round-the-world ticket and took off at short notice when I was in my early twenties. While some people were supportive, a few did think I was crazy, but to this day, it has shaped the way I look at the world and the way I do things in an incredibly positive way. I still love travelling, and would never have any reservations about travelling alone.

I’m not positive, but I would think that if you don’t actually live in Colorado, you could change your residence to SD. You would have to get an SD driver’s license to be considered a resident, and there are several forms you need to fill out when you do so. We found it really helpful to consult with our mail service people (Alternative Resources) before making the initial change as they were very helpful with explaining things to us. They also have good information on their website.Travel

Also, I wanted to mention that occasionally I send out a unique newsletter with my secret and unique money saving tips,¬†great deals on flights, and special locations unknown to the average tourist (at¬†bargain prices). You really can travel on a super small budget to exotic locations if you have all the information the travel companies don’t want you to know about!