Air India today issued a statement on Twitter stating that bookings for domestic flights are currently closed. The bookings will resume only after the Government of India’s approval. In the tweet it has been mentioned that an internal Air India email has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp, and its contents have been misunderstood by the public. Air India also said that the commencement of international and domestic flights can only happen as per the Government’s directives.

On May 14, Air India issued a statement on Twitter saying that reservations for travel from India to select international destinations are to commence from that day onwards. These destinations are US, UK, Australia, Frankfurt, Paris, and SIngapore. Sources at Air India have confirmed to us that the second slot for international destinations is currently booked until June 3, 2020. Dates for the third slot have not been released as of yet. This means that the international flights to the above mentioned destinations are currently being operated by Air India.

India continues to remain under lockdown, and there has been a total of 91,314 cases as of now. A lot of misinformation is making the rounds of social media, as most people are completely unaware of the ground realities. With such a tweet Air India has cleared its position on domestic flight. It is now imperative that we look towards official sources for details of such information, and do not believe in WhatsApp forward messages.

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