The latest announcement by India’s national carrier will help you to book your flight tickets without any second thoughts. As per the latest reports, Air India, in a move to provide relief to its flyers, has announced that all its tickets irrespective of their date of purchase will be considered valid till December 31, 2021. This latest move is part of its new waiver policy.

The new policy will be applicable for both domestic and international flights that have been booked between March 15 and August 24, 2020. As per this policy, flyers will now be able to change the flight, date, or route of their respective flight without paying an extra penny till August 24. Further, the booking must be done before December 31, 2021, and the journey needs to be completed latest by the end of next year.

Then, if you are required to change your route, you will be allowed to do so by adjusting the value of the existing ticket against the new fare. As per the said policy, there will be no charge for re-issuance of the ticket; however, in case the fare of the new ticket is lower than the existing ticket fare, the balance will not be refunded.

Air India’s new waiver policy:  All cancelled tickets are now valid till Dec 31, 2021

Referring to this, the airlines stated that the current validity and ticket type i.e., the value of the ticket will be fully protected. The airline also mentioned that this move will help reduce stress and anxiety of flyers amid the Coronavirus scare. This means, if you have had your flight tickets cancelled, due to some reasons like border closed or entry restrictions, your ticket and its value still remain the same until next year.

The said move comes after the Supreme Court observed last week, “Why should credit being issued by the airlines be limited to a short period or for the same route?”

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