Most of us have practiced yoga amidst greens, surrounded by the mighty mountains, but how many of you have done the same while surrounded by water and fish? Well, this is what the Ocean Parks in Hong Kong is offering to yoga enthusiasts, Aquarium Yoga.

Hong Kong’s 43-year-old Ocean Park is offering fitness activities such as yoga and meditation against the gorgeous and calming backdrop of a giant aquarium. The aquarium is home to a wide variety of sharks, manta rays and more beautiful marine creatures. Imagine performing yoga asanas in such interesting settings.

The park came up with the idea to boost its business and attract people as it was in deep losses due to Coronavirus restrictions and stumbling tourism. According to Yoga Instructor Jessica Lee, the creatures in the aquarium had a calming presence during her class.

She said, “It’s really nice to be almost at one with them. I feel as if I am in the water, moving as fluidly as they are.”

Because of the ongoing pandemic, Hong Kong’s tourist hotspots remained shut for most of the year, only reopening in September. The parks are ordered to reopen at half their capacity, while following all the health protocols. Face masks are a must to enter the Ocean Park. The Ocean Park has also shared that they would soon open hiking trails underneath its cable car ride, overlooking the South China Sea. According to the park officials, air-conditioned tents will soon be made available to the campers and arrangement for the barbecue will also be done.

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