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As per the new Unlock 4.0 guideline that comes with significant relaxations, Indian Railways will likely announce operation of nearly 100 more passenger trains that will facilitate both inter-state and intra-state travels.

Reportedly, the Railway Ministry would be seeking permission from the Home Ministry for this, and the said trains would be designated as ‘special trains’. While around 100 trains would be announced initially after getting a go-ahead signal from the Home Ministry, this would be followed by 20 more trains to facilitate travel on certain routes where trains are already operational.

The announcement comes amid the Unlock 4.0 plan, which starts from today. As per the latest news reports, the government has relaxed several restrictions across the country, to ensure the economy does not suffer amid the COVID pandemic.

Earlier, the Indian Railways announced that all regular passenger trains will remain suspended until further notice. However, with the latest news coming in, the scenario is set to change dramatically.

At present, 230 special trains are being operated, which will continue to operate, in addition to the new ones to facilitate travel between the states. While 30 Rajdhani-type trains were started initially after relaxing the lockdown, the Indian Railways added 200 more trains since June 1.

Apart from this, metro rails services are also set to resume in a calibrated manner from September 7.

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