With Coronavirus wreaking havoc, many of us have been restricted to work from home, thereby limiting our movement. Now, if you are eager to change your work set up, and are given an option to work from the beachside, you shouldn’t give it a miss. Earlier, it was reported that Barbados is offering people to move there and work remotely for a year, and now Bermuda has followed suit. These options will definitely help you to take your work from home to the next level.

Reportedly, from August 1, the Bermuda government is opening up its borders to ‘digital nomads’, which will allow one to stay there for a year, and work in the backdrop of scenic beaches and seaside stays. It will cost $263 for an individual to obtain that 1-Year Residential Certificate.

Bored working from home? You can now shift to Bermuda for a year and work remotely

Recently, Bermuda’s Ministry of Labour announced that Bermuda is offering a 1-year residency to professionals in a move to boost tourism in the region. Tourism in the region came to a standstill due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and the government is expecting that such an initiative will give its economy the much-needed boost.

The said program will launch for public on or before August 1, and interested candidates can apply online for a 1-year visa. Those interested in this program must be over 18 years of age, prove that they are employed, have health insurance, and will also have to prove that they will be able to maintain an income and would not be seeking employment in Bermuda.

Travelers who don’t intend to spend an entire year in Bermuda, can spend up to six months without a visa. Further, the government has also extended the maximum stay for a visitor for 90 to 180 days without a visa.

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