Bottoms Up - Craft Beer Events in Reno Tahoe - Reno Tahoe

Beer is simply delicious, but you enjoy it more at the time of attending a grand event. While enjoying a cozy stay in a hotel in Reno, do not miss to grab an opportunity to explore several beer drinking events in and around the city. Mark the dates on your calendar and let your friends know to not to miss any of these beer events.

  • Reno Beer Crawls

You will inevitably, and opportunely, will not fail to experience the wild world of the Reno Beer Crawl if you visit the city on the fourth Saturday of the month. Simply get a celebratory cup or glass and enjoy drink specials at20 diverse spots. It is a plain walk – or crawl – to each beer crawl spot since all of them are located in the Downtown Reno. For the latest updates, do not check out their Facebook page.

  • Grand Sierra Beer & Chili Festival

Grand Sierra & Chili Festival is popularly known for the convergence of zests of fall. The festival is famous nationwide for beer from local, national and regional breweries, live music, and unquestionably, chili cookies competing for the top spot with their chili recipes, which are typically an unrevealed secret.

  • Legends of Beer Festival

The Legends of Beer Festival is a perfect amalgamation of outdoors and craft beer. It is popularly known to feature over 30 craft breweries from region-wide, paired with several friendly competitions with a “beer-mile” relay, pitting local brewery and bar staff against each other in a relay race. Book a motel in Downtown Reno in September when this event is held. This takes place at the Outlets at Legends in Sparks, with several food options available as well.

  • The Biggest Little Invitational Craft Beer Festival

The summer beer festival fun continues at this craft beer festival, which is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best in the brewery world. With top-notch entertainment, local food vendors and a few good old fashioned lawn games, all in the beautiful Bartley Ranch setting. The Biggest Little Invitational Craft Beer Festival sets the standard for craft beer festivals in Northern Nevada. The list of participating breweries is impressive and provides beer-lovers can only one of its kind opportunities to sample uncommon brews.

  • The Great El Dorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival

The Great El Dorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival is an annual event that happens during summer, pairing delicious brews with mouthwatering barbeque. Downtown Reno is conquered by this festival every June. Enjoy great food and beer while enjoying live rock and blues music at your favorite outdoor stage.

  • Stage Brew Festival

Expect the unexpected at this truly unique beet festival, hosted by Brewer’s Cabinet. Local breweries are invited to dream up a craft beer that will challenge your taste buds and how you think about beer – hopefully in a good way! The brews are created especially for the Strange Brew Festival so this is your only chance to try them.

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