Seems like nature has its own ways. While Italians stay locked in their houses, dolphins have returned to their homes in the canals of Venice canals, after decades! As Venice stays shut down to curtail the spread of COVID-19 and has no tourists and activities happening, dolphins, swans and a wide variety of fish have been noticed in the clear canal waters.

A number of Italians took to social media to share that the marine life is coming back to Venice. As boats and tourists have been cleared off the canal waters amidst virus outbreak, things have started changing for the city and the world as a whole.

Italians are sharing pictures of dolphins, swans and fish enjoying the clear waters of the canal. However, as per a senior official, the quarantine has nothing to do with it. He said that though the canals look clearer now, the lockdown has not improved the water quality.

But then, no one can deny the fact that the country lockdown has had some positive environmental effects as Italy has been fighting over-tourism since last year.

As of now, all non-essential travels have been banned to and from Italy, the epicentre of the COVID 19 outbreak in Europe. The canals and roads in Venice, that are generally brimming with tourists and boats, stay vacant as of now.

The current data reflects that Coronavirus has claimed 2978 lives till March 17 across the world. In between the crisis, nature’s resurgence might as well be the silver lining that the world needs right now.

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