In a bid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai has introduced movement permit passes, and any resident who wishes to come out of their house will have to carry a screenshot of the same. Considering the grave situation, the Dubai Police has made it mandatory for people to get the movement permit in case they need to leave home for any reason, or else legal action will be taken against them.

The Dubai Police made the announcement on its official Twitter handle by tweeting, “@DubaiPoliceHQ: A screenshot of the approved Movement Permit, be it a journey by car or on foot, must be kept by all members of the general public once they leave their homes to avoid legal action. To register:

The strict move was introduced after the city extended its National Disinfection Programme to 24 hours for the next 14 days. Residents can easily receive movement permits online by providing their basic ID details along with the reason for which people need to leave home.

Dubai had started a two-week, 24-hour sterilization programme to disinfect the city on Saturday (4 April). For this time, Dubai authorities have imposed strict restrictions on movements of the residents in the city along with legal action being taken against those who violate it.

As per new mandate, residents are only allowed to step out of their houses in following cases:

1) if they need to buy essentials

2) in case of medical emergency
3) for medical workers
4) for social workers

The new rule applies to everyone, those traveling in car, bike or on foot. To obtain the pass, people will have to mention their car/bike number (if applicable), their start point, and destination name, along with the date and time.

To keep a check on people, the authorities have set radar cameras on the roads to track those who are not following the rules.

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