As the world grapples with COVID-19, there are reports of a number of mountaineers stranded in Nepal. Reportedly, the climbers are back from Mt Everest and are unable to fly back home as a number of travel curbs are in place for now. Nepal has banned most international flights to prevent the spread of COVID-19; the bans are expected to be in place till the end of June.

Nepal, much like a number of nations in the region, is currently fighting the second wave of COVID-19. It is reported that the second wave in the Himalayan nation is worse than the first and the nation is suffering from a crumbling infrastructure.

As per the reports, Nepal issued 742 climbing permits; out of these, 408 were for the Everest for the months of April and May. Now, as it’s time for monsoon in the nation, the climbers are back from their expeditions are unable to fly back home. While some chartered flights are still operational in the country, the fare is very expensive for the same, rendering them unaffordable for a number of mountaineers.

It has been reported that the concerned authorities might allow more chartered flights to ease the situation. There are no plans to restart regular commercial flights as the fear of another pandemic breakout looms large in Nepal.

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