For residents of Lauterbach in Germany, the French breads (baguettes) they love must be acquired by any means. Even if it means they have to fish for it. This western German town is used to baguettes coming from across the border in France and now, with COVID-19 lockdown and rules of social distancing, they have found a new way to get their daily bread. The Germans are using fishing rods to reel over the bread handed to them from across the border by their French bakers.

There was a time when the Germans would walk into the French bakery to buy their bread, but now due to the presence of border police that has stopped. Even though the crossing only has barricades, social distancing norms must prevail, and so, the fishing rod comes in handy for Germans craving the delicious bread.

German residents picking up their favourite French bread from across the border using a fishing rod

Reportedly, the French baker Myriam has been taking orders from the German side on her phone, and then meeting the patrons at the crossing to deliver the items.

The idea of fishing for bread was started by one of Myriam’s customers Hartmur Fey, who is a resident of Lauterback. It gave out the right message regarding social distancing, and hence has been very popular all over social media. So there is no hand-to-hand interaction here. He picks up the baguette from her tote bag, and both of them manage to keep a safe distance.

Baguettes are French bread that have thin loaves, and are long in shape with a crisp crust.

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