For all those tourists who love travelling to Europe or are yet to visit the continent for their first trip ever, Greece is one of those countries that are sure to give you a warm welcome starting 1 July.

If all goes well, Greece, which has proved successful in fighting the novel Coronavirus, has decided to allow tourists to visit the nation albeit with certain conditions.

In a statement, Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that tourists can still have a good vacation in Greece only if the COVID-19 crisis shows a downward curve.

Greece to allow tourist arrivals starting July 1; conditions apply

For now, Greece is allowing the citizens of the European Union for essential visits only after testing them for COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival in the capital city, Athens. In the future, if Greece allows foreign nationals to visit for a stay, it will be only done after they test negative in the departure destination.

Greece was fast to take action in enforcing lockdown by closing carnival festivities, cafés, schools and so on. The local residents could visit pharmacies and grocery shops only after registering with the government. On May 4, Greece reopened the bookstores, hairsaloons and other non-essential stores as the situation seems to be in control these days.

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