Considering Coronavirus to be one of the biggest incidents of the 21st century won’t be wrong. Everyone in the world is doing their bit to spread awareness about COVID-19 to educate people. One such man is Sudhakar Yadav, a Guinness world record holder from Hyderabad; in order to raise awareness about the pandemic, he has designed a Coronavirus-shaped one-seater car that can travel up to 40 km and features a 100cc engine.

Sudhakar, who is also the owner of the Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad, said “It has a 100CC engine. It’s a four-wheeler single-seater car. It can comfortably travel up to 40-km. It took us ten days to prepare this model. I hope we can spread awareness and make people understand to stay indoors.” With this green-coloured round car, Sudhakar wishes to educate people about the danger of the disease.

Sudhakar is a Guinness world record holder for creating the world’s largest 37 ft long tricycle. Besides, his name is also listed in the Limca Book of Records for the same and he has also featured in popular TV show Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Before this, he has made wacky cars on various occasions which includes, a condom bike that he created to spread awareness on AIDS, a helmet car for head safety, a cigarette bike to quit the habit. “Now I have made a corona shaped car,” Sudhakar added.

Besides this, Hyderabad police too had designed Coronavirus-shaped helmets. Last week, Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, inaugurated a rally wherein police personnel were seen on bikes and horses in the Coronavirus-shaped helmets. Meanwhile, Telangana’s total COVID-19 positive cases has jumped to 442, and majority of the numbers hail from Hyderabad (113). Recently, a 23-day-old baby was reported infected by the disease in the state capital.

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