Indian PM Narendra Modi has addressed the nation speaking about the deadly Coronavirus, and what citizens should do during this time. One of the key elements in the speech is the Janta Curfew, a form of Social Distancing, wherein Indians have been asked to stay indoors on March 22, 2020, Sunday. The Indian version of Social Distancing, which can also be seen as a lockdown, is going to be implemented from 7 AM to 9 PM on the said date.

The Prime Minister also thanked doctors, nurses, and all those people who have been tirelessly working to help those affected by the disease. He urged Indians to thank such people on Sunday, March 22, by coming out on their balconies at 5 PM, to join in a round of applause. Furthermore, the Prime Minister also suggested that we must speak to 10 people each day, in order to educate and inform them regarding the disease, and Social Distancing.

While stressing on the fact that the financial state is weakening due to the crisis, he asked employers to continue providing salaries to their employees. Most importantly, the Prime Minister asked Indians not to hoard necessary commodities in panic. He said that there will be no shortage of basic commodities such as milk, and hence, everyone should act responsibly.

Also, as it has been seen that elders and young children under 10 years of age are the worst affected, he has asked both these groups of citizens to stay indoors as much as possible.

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