Ireland is all set to resume non-essential international travel as Europe plans to open up for travel this summer. Ireland’s taoiseach, or what is commonly known as, the Prime Minister, has approved plans for non-essential international travel. The nation will follow all recommendations approved by the European Union, as per its COVID travel certificate system.

The COVID travel certificate system is something that will show a traveller’s proof of vaccination, negative test results, or it should state that the person has recovered from COVID-19. The travel certificate system will also allow you to travel across the European Union without any COVID restrictions. Ireland is looking to have travel possible in a safe and sustainable way.

Ireland is once more going to welcome non-essential international travellers

It has also been reported that Ireland is going to resume travel with the US, and the UK starting July 19. However, the European Union travel certificate is not applicable for travellers from the US and the UK. Ireland has had one of the strictest lockdown restrictions since it was declared a pandemic in March 2020. The nation in fact prohibited people from travelling more than five km from their homes.

According to Ireland’s health minister, Stephen Donnelly, around 50 percent of adults will have received one dose of the vaccine by this week’s end. The country opened its cultural attractions, galleries, and museums in the month of May, with all COVID protocols in place. Sporting events might allow spectators from June onwards.

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