The Maharashtra state government has now imposed travel restrictions on those arriving from the state of Kerala. Earlier, the state also imposed restrictions on passengers arriving from four other states, i.e., Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, and Delhi.

As per an order issued by Chief Secretary Sanjay Kumar, the standard operating procedure (SoP) will be applicable with immediate effect for passengers coming in from these four states, along with those coming from Kerala as well.

As per a notification issued by the state on November 23, 2020, Maharashtra made it mandatory for all incoming passengers travelling via air from the four states to provide a COVID negative report, while those travelling by road will need to undergo screening at the borders for any symptoms.

Maharashtra imposes COVID-19 travel restrictions on those arriving from Kerala

Further, for air travellers, a negative RT-PCR was made mandatory, which was done prior to 72 hours of taking the flight. If a flyer fails to provide a negative COVID report, or does not have the RT-PCR test report, he/she has to undergo a test at the airport. Similar restrictions have also been implemented for railway passengers.

Reportedly, those with COVID symptoms would have to undergo an antigen test. If tested positive, they are to be admitted at a COVID care centre at their own cost. As per the records, Kerala is showing a rise in the COVID cases, and has the highest active Coronavirus cases in the country, followed by Maharashtra.

Referring to the restrictions imposed, an official added that they have been put into place as a precautionary measure.

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