In the current time of COVID-19 outbreak, one man is completely undisturbed even with the whole pandemic situation. When people are asked to go in isolation and maintain social distancing, Mauro Morandi decided to quarantine himself from the world on a picturesque island almost 30 years back. The 81-year-old man is the sole human on the island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, and is leading a happy peaceful life amid nature.

His story

So Morandi, also known as Italy’s Robinson Crusoe, found Budelli island, off the coast of Sardinia, all by accident. Nearly 30 years ago, the man was trying to sail from Italy to Polynesia when he discovered this island and it was love at first sight for him! He had never seen such crystal-clear blue water or gorgeous coral sands and breathtaking sunsets. It was then that he decided to stay on the island forever.

Morandi was not happy with Italy’s consumer culture, so the man took the decision of running away from his hometown. He sailed off to Polynesia but landed on Budelli, which was a true blue beauty and a Mediterranean haven.

The beaches here are rose-colored and dyed pink by a rare microorganism. Before Morandi, there was just one caretaker living on the island. He was retiring from his post just two days after Morandi arrived and decided to stay.

Current scenario

Today, Morandi is 81, and is living a wonderful life. He now has a mobile phone, Wi-Fii connection, and social media accounts. He keeps updating his Instagram account with picturesque photos of the island and has more than 42.3k followers! He is also on Twitter and keeps sharing informative things about nature. The man has been living alone on the island for the past 30 years and claims himself to be quite happy.

He is unperturbed by Coronavirus, which has disturbed the whole world. The island, because of him, has become a tourist attraction and people come to meet him from across the globe. He poses happily for them and with them and talks about the importance of nature preservation.

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