Mother’s Day celebrations in one country are a far cry from celebrations anywhere else in the world, for the citizens here go all out to celebrate their mothers. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful country of Peru in South America. In fact, even the build-up to the big day starts a week before and sees a lot of fervour.

The Peruvians shower their mothers with cards, flowers, gifts, treats, dinners and more. They take their Mother’s Day celebrations a notch higher with fun activities and parties, most of which are open to mothers from the surrounding community. As per the figures, more than 90% of Peruvians celebrate the day.

Gifting flowers to mothers is more of a norm here, and it is a fact that flower prices soar in the lead up to the celebration! The children in families recite poems for the women in the house, and can be seen preparing for days.

This country goes all out to celebrate Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day tradition that sets Peru apart is the fact that most people converge at cemeteries with food and drinks as a token of gratitude for the deceased women. Tombs are cleaned days before the celebrations and fresh flowers placed in honour. The scenes outside cemeteries are of much revelry, with food stalls and more planned. You will spot scores of balloon sellers on the streets, selling balloons that read
Feliz Dia Mama (Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish).

While Peru had a lot of peculiarities to its name, these celebrations give you one more reason to put the country on your travel wishlist.

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