A number of small towns across the globe have launched several interesting schemes and programs to attract new residents. Italy, for example, has been luring people by offering houses for as little as $1! Based on the same concept, Natchez in Mississippi is hoping to add new residents to its less populated colonies.

Natchez is calling remote workers and offering a package worth $6000. The money will cover the moving expenses and the first year’s cost of living for the worker.

City mayor Dan Gibson said, “It has been our desire that Natchez be the first city in Mississippi to actually roll out an exciting and ambitious program for attracting remote workers and getting them to invest and relocate to Natchez”.

Gibson further said that the city of Natchez, Adams County, Visit Natchez, and Natchez, Inc. are working in sync on something that will bring new life to Natchez and remote workers.
Shift South is the new program under which remote workers will be asked to fill the applications.


1) To qualify the program, the applicants must establish residency in Natchez or Adams County.

2) They must get a house worth $150000 (or more) and live there at least a year.

3) First the workers will get a relocation cost worth $2500. Later, they’ll get a $300 monthly stipend for a year.

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