California’s wildfire has turned into a never-imagined disaster. While the world is already fighting a war against COVID-19, the wildfires have added to the grim situation. Recently, the latest fires burned down three iconic Michelin star restaurants at Meadowood, also known as TRAM, in Napa Valley.

The world-famous Michelin star restaurant was burned to ashes by the Glass Fire on Monday morning. All that remains of the restaurant are two fireplaces made of brick and the stone stairs at the entrance!

The news was confirmed by TRAM’s head chef, Christopher Kostow. He took to Instagram to inform the world about the loss of his restaurant on Monday night. In his long post dedicated to the restaurant, he wrote:

We are all torn apart. A Eulogy is deserved, and will be given in due time… for now, I want to thank all of the TRAMily that have ever graced this magical space—and all of the guests over the years who have enjoyed the efforts of these multitudes. What an honor it has been. Martina and I wish our broader, Napa community safety and courage during this devastating time. #TRAMily forever

Plan of rebuilding

The iconic restaurant plans to come back. As per reports, the owners plan to rebuild the restaurant and come back stronger than ever. The head chef, talking to the media, said that Napa Valley and California have seen their share of difficulties and as of now, the more important thing is to protect people’s lives and property and “address the bigger issue of climate change.”

Glass Fire is the term given to the ongoing wildfire in Northern California, which began on September 27, 2020, at 3:48 AM. Till now, the fire has demolished several structures and forced thousands of residents out of their houses. According to the reports, nearly 42000 ac of land and seven wineries have been burned down in the fire.

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