As concerns of a second wave of COVID-19 hits Peru, the nation has announced a new round of lockdowns. The country is going under lockdown with 10 to 25 regions at a time when the hospitals are struggling to admit new patients amidst a growing number of cases. Even the capital city of Lima will be going under lockdown, which is due to start from January 31.

The second wave of COVID-19 seems to be an aggressive one, and this has led to more than 40000 deaths as of Tuesday. During a televised address to the nation, President Francisco Sagasti of Peru said that the country is going to add 350 more beds in the coming weeks. There will also be restrictions on international flights from Europe, and Brazil, where the new strain of virus has been detected.

Peru to go under lockdown once again

The lockdown has been ordered after careful consideration, since there are about 100000 new cases in the country since last month.

The lockdown, starting January 31 is going to end on February 14, 2021. It has been decided that there will be a curfew during this period from 8 pm to 4 am. Personal vehicles will not be permitted to hit the roads on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, people will be permitted to leave their homes only to purchase basic necessities, and are required to work from home.

All non-essential businesses will be closed during this time, and restaurants will only be serving takeout orders.

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