Travel plan

I mostly make my plans on impulse, but secretly, I always have a wishlist of places I want to visit. Whenever I find time, I take off.

Travel style

I am an aristocratic hippie. I can be very low maintenance and also act like a diva. I travel on bikes and buses, stay at the most amazing places and happily eat roadside food. But I also want my fine dining.

Food while travelling

Pokhara has a great nightlife

Makansutra Gluttons Bay in Singapore was heaven for me. I would take up shows in Singapore just so that I could visit Gluttons Bay.

Must-pack items

Extra set of underwear.

Travel lesson you have learnt

Pack less. Keep space for new.

Funniest or scariest travel moment

I was late at the Toronto airport and was running with my head tilted up looking at gate numbers when I by mistake entered a restricted door which led to the tarmac and before I realised and turned back I had two cops pointing a gun at me. You see I was wearing a black hoodie and a backpack. Perfect suspect. How I got out of that ordeal is another story.

Travel gear

Pokhara has a great nightlife

Wear comfortable shoes. I am a walker and it’s very important that I wear light shoes all the time. Boots are a complete no-no. Apart from being uncomfortable, the security always asks you to remove them at airports.

Travel goals

New Zealand, West Indies.

Travel pet peeves

People who get up as soon as the plane lands. I mean where do you think you are going?

Best weekend getaway, family holiday, solo travel, holiday with friends

My recent trip to Pokhara Nepal left me amazed. The place has an absolutely rocking nightlife.

Next stop

Romania, then Transylvania. Dracula is calling.

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