It took 40 long years for the cute little birds from the Himalayas to make a comeback to the Delhi-NCR, as they came back last year in March. Yes, the Fire-capped Tit has shown itself again at the Bhondsi Nature Park much to the delight of bird lovers, nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

A bird-watcher in NCR has also photographed orange-scarlet critters on Saturday evening. The pair has been living and feeding on the sheesham trees. Reportedly, the Fire-capped Tits may remain in the capital a few days before returning to their abode in the high Himalayan mountains.

Rare Himalayan bird shows up in Bhondsi Nature Park near Delhi

Bhondsi Nature Park is situated in the Aravalli foothills along the Sohna Road, near Damdama Lake. It has been a refuge for nature lovers in NCR, who wish to relax in a peaceful setting during the weekend. Here, visitors engage in a host of outdoor activities like rock climbing, identifying trees and birds, forest trails and so on.

For anyone, who wants a break from the polluted and noisy city life, Bhondsi Nature Park is a peaceful haven. Close to the nature park is Bhuvaneshwari Devi Temple, which has been so made that people can spend enough time meditating or simply absorbing the beauty and silence all around.

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