To ensure safety of all passengers from Coronavirus transmission, airport authorities have decided to employ certain useful practices once the India-wide lockdown is lifted.

News has it that the government will restart flight operations in a phased manner for international and domestic flights to control crowds at the airport.

Some of the measures will be made effective across all airports in India. One such measure will be to keep the middle seats and last three rows of the aircrafts empty to increase the distance between passengers on board.

Furthermore, airlines will be directed to limit onboard catering service so as to decrease contact between the cabin crew and passengers. Cabin crew will put pre-packed food on the seats before boarding, and also permit passengers to carry their own eatables. In addition, airlines will be asked to allow boarding of three rows at a time. At the airports, passengers will have to maintain a distance of two-metre during check-in and security check.

Social distancing policies to be implemented by airlines, airports in India

The AAI-GMR group joint venture, which runs the Delhi Airport, recently said that it has managed more than 50 evacuation flights, repatriating more than 10000 stranded foreign nationals from the day India-wide 21-day lockdown was implemented.

Ever since commercial passenger airline operations were suspended in India, the Delhi Airport has been working full time, as told to the press by Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO of Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL).

Since the last two week, the Delhi airport has handled cargo and evacuation flights run by Germany, Japan, Norway, Afghanistan, Poland, Russia and France to send back home all the foreign nationals grounded in India.

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