Beaches across Spain are taking up precautionary measures to restart business operations in the near future. Authorities are creating sunbathing ‘squares’ to ensure people maintain social distancing norms after the lockdown ends.

Reportedly, some zones are even creating designated zones for family groups and people of different ages. People are thinking of implementing out-of-the-book measures to move toward normalcy, but with all safety rules in place.

As per the latest reports, you might soon need to book a spot on the sand at a beach, just like you book tables in the restaurant. This might exactly be the trend post-Coronavirus, which is now being adopted in Spain. And most likely, other countries will also follow the same after evaluating the results.

Canet d’en Berenguer, located just north of Valencia, will be allowing only 500 beachgoers daily, which is around half the number of visitors that visit the spot every day. And, to sunbathe, one must reserve any available space beforehand via a mobile app. All this in order to ensure no one flouts the social distancing norms.

Spain: Business-class beach? You might soon need reservations for sunbathing post-Covid-19

Referring to this development, town Mayor Pere Joan Antoni Chorda stated that this summer will be different; the arrangements will be as such that there will be plenty of space between you and your neighbour. It will be more like a business-class beach, he added.
Grid pattern will be used to divide the beach into square sections, each separated by 6 ft. Each section will then be delineated by using a series of nets on the sand that will look like huge soccer goalpost nets to accommodate bigger groups of sun bathers.

Further, one can book only one sunbathing session, i.e., either morning or afternoon, but not for entire day. The Mayor also stated that sunbathers can book any available space, much like booking online tickets for movies. The arrival times will also remain staggered to avoid gathering.

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