Check the availability of your domain name using the search input box you’ll see on the top of any page. Our bus first of all has to negotiate crossing the massive queue of lorries waiting to get into Bulgaria. There are miles and miles of them. Quite incredible. Once this is done we limp along the toll road in a top gear that doesn’t quite sound right. My plan has been to stay awake until getting on the bus then catch some sleep for the 4-5 hour run into Istanbul. In reality sleep isn’t possible on the bus. It’s hotter than a sauna, my seat won’t recline. The metal part of the heater by my feet is so hot that it burns or melts anything it comes into contact with. The hours pass slowly, but eventually I realise we are much closer to the centre of Istanbul than I had thought. It’s a fantastic dawn over th Bosphorus and I tag along with the Finnish guy who shows me how to use the metro (not built when I was last here) and avoid the usual station taxi scam.

I have discovered that the crappy carriage I was on for the last couple of hours has in fact come all the way from Sofia, no change at Plovdiv required. Normally I would be attracted to a direct train, but it was a really horrible local commuter carriage. My trains down from Romania today were much better, even though the journey has been six hours longer and I have needed to change twice.

Unless you logout of Dropbox on your phone/laptop/other devices, trash the 1Password files in your ~/Dropbox folder on your laptop, and remove your Dropbox info from 1Password, the data is still indirectly accessible. And as such, border agents have a viable—albeit indirect—route to access it.

Yes, I have read that already a few years ago as we have this document too. That´s the permit you are going to have from them (BAI). You only have to show the passport of your pet where everything about vaccination, rabies,etc…are stated. If you are lucky, they will not ask it. You know how it is in our country, the officers keep on changing their minds. So good luck. Merry Christmas and advance happy New Year 2015. Please tell me then how it goes with your pet. Enjoy your going home.

I believe it was Colin Wilson in one of his books I read who was INTO making up `impossible’ stories for you to think `you have then heard of’ – the story I remember the most being his FICTIONAL story about a school bus whose brakes fail going down a mountain road – written for the PURPOSE of you thinking or remembering at a later time that the story was REAL (because you experienced it as a read). So, the idea of a `story’ which reflects the possible outcome of a scientific theory (alternative time paths) as a basis for FACT is exactly the mind game that Colin Wilson loved to play.

Between 1945 and 1953, Laos fought towards independence, and Luang Prabang was often the center of conflict. In 1946, for example, French paratroops attempted to capture the city. Despite all this conflict, Luang Prabang remained the royal capital and home of the king of Laos until the Laotian Civil War, which took place from 1953 to 1975. This war culminated in the Pathet Lao communist party seizing power and dissolving the Laotian monarchy.