I am beyond excited and truly honored to share that I was chosen as the Grand Prize winner for EPIK’s annual video competition! Albay is very popular for two main things when it comes to food. The first one is the Pili nuts, and the second one is the Pinangat (a spicy vegetable dish or add-on drenched in coconut milk). Fortunately, both of these are available here in Albay Pilinut Food Souvenir Shop!

Hi Thelma, thank you sooo much for putting up this post =) It’s been so helpful reading all the infos. I’ve been wondering for ages if Milo (our now 1.5 yr old Chihuahua) could ever join our visits to Manila. We too live in Germany, i’m half Pinay so I visit home at least once a year.

While having your own computer is not mandatory (in fact, I was one of the few travelers I ran across who had one), it is handy if, like me, you plan on keeping an online journal of your travels. Sure, there are Internet cafes everywhere (and I mean everywhere—there was even one in a little beach-side town I stayed at in India). But these places often charge by the minute, and there can frequently be queues of people waiting to sign on. Since I had my own laptop, I could write my journal entries anytime and then upload them when I found a place with free wireless Internet access (something that becomes more abundant every day). I also had the luxury of downloading the pictures from my digital camera to my hard drive, instead of having to wait until I had access to an Internet cafe computer or a photo shop that could transfer them to a CD.

Your gift recipients will be especially grateful to have a set of well designed packing cubes if their suitcases are opened by airport security, since their clothes will stay neatly folded and organized and they won’t need to re-fold and re-pack each item in the airport!

Hi Zaldy! You can get it from your animal breeder where you got your dog or at the veterinary office. We got Angus passport from our breeder in Germany who had all the papers we need when we bought our pet. In Germany, we have to register our dog and pay taxes yearly. I don´t know where you come from, so to be sure, just ask your vet. I´m sure he´ll know where to get the animal passport.

If you find the Travel Baby Depot Backpack too big for regular every-day use, then you may find the Okkatots Baby Backpack Diaper Bag is just the size you need. It gives you almost the same versatility, with many of the same features, but with a smaller capacity than the larger model. Small enough to make it easy to carry around for daily use.