As per the latest development, the Netherlands has lifted the ban on passenger flights arriving from India. Reportedly, it has also lifted a ban on flights arriving from Central America, South America, and South Africa.

Reports have it that travellers from these areas will now be allowed to enter the Netherlands again. However, they will be required to test negative for the Coronavirus prior to their departure, and ensure that they follow all the quarantine protocols upon their arrival.

Referring to this, the Dutch Government website read, “As of 1 June 2021, there is no longer a ban on flights from India, South Africa and the countries in Central and South America.”

The Netherlands lifts ban on passenger flights arriving from India

However, there is still a European Union ban on non-EU travelers from countries where the Coronavirus situation is not yet good.

The Netherlands, however, has imposed a mandatory quarantine law, which comes into effect from today (June 1).

As per the reports, those arriving into the Netherlands from an area designated as a high-risk for Coronavirus infection, will be required to undergo mandatory travel quarantine.

Now, as per the law, travellers will be required to quarantine at a location of their choosing for 10 days after arriving in the Netherlands. One can shorten their quarantine period by five days if they test negative for the virus after five days.

Reportedly, quarantine rule has been made mandatory for those arriving from these high-risk countries such as India, Argentina, Brazil, Bahrain and South Africa, among others.

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