Thinking of moving into an RV? If so, there are nine basic things you need to know before you make the leap from standard living to motor home or camper living. Pets that will be traveling in the cabin may require a reservation. This is to ensure that only a specific number of dogs are booked on any single flight. Because of this I recommend that you contact your airline and make arrangements for your pet in advance. Pets are usually taken on a first come, first served basis, so if too many dogs are going to be traveling in the cabin, you may not be able to take yours in the cabin with you and they may have to checked and travel as baggage.

Excellent hub. I would definitly recommend anyone who wants to travel to go. By the way the tip about letting the bank know is a good one. I travelled to Pakistan and forgot to let the bank know and as a result couldn´t use my HSBC card in any of the shops. I rang them up but still I was only able to use it at the Muslim Commercial Bank. Not even the HSBC there would give me any money. So thank God for the MCB bank.

The North Rim is more than 200 miles away from the South Rim by car or a strenuous 21 mile, two to three day crossing by hike. There is no public transportation to the North Rim other than the Trans Canyon Shuttle. Services are limited on the North Rim.

Thanks for the feedback. The Vault for Saving” changing like that is something we’ll have to fix up. That’s a good point. Did it switch itself back to your Personal/Private vault after closing the preferences window and re-opening it? If not that smells like possibly 2 bugs.

At the base of the falls, you’ll see small cascades pouring over limestone ledges. For a small fee, you can access trails that move upwards through the jungle towards the top of the falls. Higher up, you’ll find large turquoise pools that are very popular for swimming. Because the falls are shaded by the jungle, the water is nice and cool.

South along I-17, you’ll find the city of Charleston. This historic city experienced some noteworthy battles of the American Civil War, with war forts like Fort Sumter still intact today. Cobblestone streets, open air markets, and beautiful southern architecture make this one of the best places to see in the state. Also not to miss in nearby Seabrook Island , about 25 miles away and teeming with wildlife.