With Unlock 4.0 in the offing, and the Centre allowing to open up more activities outside containment zones, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is all set to relax rules regarding intra-state and inter-state movement of people and goods, and take steps to increase occupancy limits for hotels.

Reportedly, Thackeray will likely allow relaxation when he declares his Unlock 4.0 plan today as per the state’s ‘Mission Begin Again’ programme.

As per the latest reports, no e-passes or separate permission will likely be required in the coming days for the movement of people and goods, inter- or intra-state. Under Unlock 4.0 rules in Maharashtra, steps will be taken to increase hotel occupancy from 33 per cent to 50 per cent. Referring to this, an official in the know-how stated that while occupancy limit will be increased to 50 per cent, in-house guests can enjoy dining facilities. However, decisions on allowing outsiders for dining will be taken at a later stage. Further, a decision on reopening restaurants will also be taken soon, whereas its timeframe has not been fixed yet.

The official added that although the Chief Minister is keen to grant more relaxations, there are concerns regarding rise in Coronavirus cases. He stated that they have granted maximum relaxations, despite the fact that there was exponential growth in the number of cases.

Also, local trains, Mumbai’s lifeline, are yet to be restored. It is very likely that the trains will be on the tracks soon to facilitate people in their travel.

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