A number of people have shared several videos of dolphins, swimming and playing near Mumbai sea shore. The videos have gone viral on various social media platforms. The reason for the return is no fishing activities happening in sea for quite some time now given the Coronavirus outbreak.

One of the videos that went viral was shot from the NCPA Apartments standing along the Arabia Seashore in south Mumbai. The video shows a pod of dolphins in a playful mood which was an unusual sight altogether.

The caption read, “These dolphins, known as Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins are very much part of Mumbai coastal line and have been spotted frequently in the last few years,”.

Besides others, ace Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla too shared a video of dolphins on her Twitter profile. “it seems dolphins were sightedjust off the shore… (sic)”, she captioned her video.

People believe that because of lack of any major fishing activities near the state coast line in the last few days, these dolphins have arrived here. Not only this, there is also no movement of huge ships at sea ports as of now, or they are limited, which is also one of the reasons for the dolphins to appear along Mumbai coast. Just a few days back, a number of videos surfaced on social media wherein dolphins were seen playing along the Venice canals. However, as per few media agencies, those videos were labeled as ‘fake’. But whatever it is, we can’t deny the fact that wildlife and marine life has come back as nature is healing itself. While humans are forced to stay inside their houses, wildlife has taken over the roads across the globe.

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