Perhaps, it is for the first time in several decades that the prominent shaktipeeth in Vindhyachal has been closed for the devotees in Navratri.

The shrines of Devi Vindhyavasini, Kali Khoh and Ashtabhuja are visited by devotees and seekers during the nine holy nights. However, in compliance with the order to lockdown all temples due to the Coronavirus infection, only the Vindhya Panda community officials and priests are involved in performing ritualistic services to the presiding deities.

Meanwhile, the work of lighting the temple to welcome the festival began on March 24; all other Navratri preparations were stopped on the orders of the District Magistrate.

On March 18, the temple management barred the devotees from visiting the sanctum sanctorum of Ma Vindhyavasini as a safety measure from COVID-19, and allowed them to have
darshan only from a window.

With the unprecedented lockdown and the fear looming in the hearts of people due to COVID-19, people have cancelled their hotel and
dharamshala bookings.

According to the news reports, the local shop owners who sell
puja items, trinkets etc. and
dhaba owners are going hungry due to the closure of all shops. Since these local traders depend on the pilgrims for their daily income, they are finding it hard to survive.

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