While Europe has opened up for summer vacation, there is a looming threat that needs to be tackled. The World Health Organisation’s Europe Director has issued a statement warning Europeans regarding the possible rise in the delta variant of the COVID 19. The director warned that this new variant is poised to take hold in the region. The delta variant of COVID-19 is identified as B.1.617.2, and is said to be the most infectious of all COVID variants.

India’s devastating second wave of coronavirus saw a rise in infections, and deaths, with the delta variant as the main cause behind it.

WHO warns Europe about Delta variant of COVID-19, urges travellers to be cautious

Dr. Hans Kluge of the World Health Organisation further said that the delta variant of the coronavirus can even evade some of the known vaccines. People over 60 years of age are greatly at risk as far as this delta variant is concerned, and a repetition of last year’s covid situation is a possibility. During such a time, travellers must be very careful. Kluge has warned travellers to travel wisely, and has called for vaccination.

With Europe opening up for summer vacation, social gatherings, and events could be on the rise, thus increasing the risk of the delta variant spreading throughout the region.

The main issue currently is that the delta variant is causing unknown symptoms, which is being overlooked by patients. Atypical symptoms include gastric issues, hearing impairment, and even blood clots. It is important that travellers ensure their own safety, and report any sickness that they may be experiencing, even if it is not common to COVID-19.

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